August 5, 2013


Katy Perry Kills Her Candy-Coated Alter Ego in Latest Teaser Video

After burning her ever-present blue wig last week, Katy Perry is officially putting her Teenage Dream persona six feet under in the new teaser for her upcoming "Roar" single.

Set in a cemetery, this clip shows a group of mourners gathered around a casket draped in one of Perry's signature dresses from the California Dreams Tour. As those peppermint candy breasts spin for the last time, two girls in bright purple wigs weep and wail.

Meanwhile, Perry herself—suddenly looking more Hot Topic than Claire's—smirks from behind a pair of dark glasses and breaks into a sinister Heathers-esque funerary chuckle.

Someone's feeling goth these days.  

But it's not like this stylistic about-face came out of nowhere. Last year—following her divorce from Russell Brand—Perry promised her new music was "about to get real f--king dark." And although we haven't heard one note of it yet, it doesn't seem she was exaggerating.  We'll find out when "Roar" hits on August 12.