August 7, 2013


Katy Perry's Third "Roar" Teaser: Finally Hear the Song (Kinda)

Besides that giant gold truck she's using to promote her upcoming album, Prism, Katy Perry's remained pretty hush about the much anticipated first single, "Roar."

Today, we got our hands on the third "teaser" of the song, and this time we can finally hear what it sounds like. Well, what five seconds of it sounds like. Hey, we'll take it.

In the first sneak peek, we saw Katy burning her infamous blue wig. In the second, a much gothier Katy is at a funeral mourning her old, Teenage Dream-era persona. This time, she got a cat to do the dirty work. 

A cute white kitty prances through a living room and innocently paws at a feathery cat toy. Its meow soon turns into a roar (themes!), and then we hear about five seconds of the actual song. And yes, it's instantly catchy.

"Roar" officially drops August 12. But how many more mysterious teasers will we get in the meantime?