August 13, 2013


Lady Gaga Gets Last Laugh With Anti-Lady Gaga Commercial

Laga Gaga is attacking her haters with a heavy dose of reverse psychology.

In a new YouTube video titled "Lady Gaga Is Over," the singer beats anti-Gaga trollers to the punch, ripping her just-released single "Applause" to shreds. She wears a creepy, flashing mask and stares down the camera, as common one-liner disses appear as subtitles: "Lady Gaga is no longer relevant," "Ever since 'Born This Way,' she's a flop," "DON'T dance to 'Applause' at all." 

The visual closes with a direct message: "Stop the drama, start the music," then her ARTPOP single begins playing.

Deadmau5, this message is for you.