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August 6, 2013


Steve Angello on Missing Swedish House Mafia and Label's 10th Anniversary

Once one-third of indestructible EDM trio Swedish House Mafia, Steve Angello has built a formidable solo career via nonstop touring and his own label Size Records. When Fuse News' Jack Osborne caught up with Angello at Lollapalooza 2013, the DJ/producer only had kind words for the festival. "I’m happy dance music has snuck into Lollapalooza," Angello says. "Festivalgoers came to party and they don’t care if they go home naked."

Angello touched on numerous things in the wide-ranging interview above. Some highlights below:

On the Intimacy of Small Gigs
When I do big shows in big cities, I do the festival show and then I usually do an after-hours [set]. I’ll pick a 300-700 place and play really dark and really intimate [music]. I need that balance.

On the 10th Anniversary of His Record Label Size Records
We’re doing a compilation that is going to be massive. I’m trying to talk to iTunes to put 200 records on a compilation. We’ll see how that goes. We’ll make some phone calls and visits.

On Nurturing New Talent
I think it’s important to let people grow themselves. You shouldn’t just lift them up and then just be like, “Okay, here you go: success.” I think it’s really important to struggle and have ups and downs. Every artist should learn that. I’ll help them to a certain point and then they have to take off themselves. But I’ll always be here and watch over the creative.

On Missing Swedish House Mafia
We had an amazing run and played the biggest arenas in the world. Our solo careers were still 90% of our year so it wasn’t as big change for us as it was for people who only knew Swedish House Mafia. Obviously I feel it a little bit; they’re still aftershakes from SHM. We’re still doing stuff.