August 8, 2013


Marina & the Diamonds Kills "Electra Heart" Alter-Ego in New Video

Welsh singer-songwriter Marina & the Diamonds has killed herself, sort of.

For her sophomore album Electra Heart, the 27-year-old artist adopted a character of the same name, which, she explained to Fuse, helped her write songs that "have elements of life experiences, but also elements of imagination." It worked: The LP became her highest-charting record yet, hitting No. 31 in the US and No. 1 in the UK. But she's leaving the past behind with a retrospective music video for "Electra Heart," a never-before-released track (...which, despite its title, wasn't included on the LP of the same name). "Goodbye, Electra Heart!" she added with a tweet.

Marina debuted her Electra Heart alter-ego exactly two years ago (yes, to the day) via a music video for ballad "Fear & Loathing," in which she chopped off her long, brunette locks signifying her transformation. Eleven videos later—over the course of which fans saw the singer go blonde, shower with male models and eat the saddest meal ever—Marina is killing off the character with a final swan song, aptly titled "Electra Heart." Its video is a collection of clips from the 11 others, but with one concluding addition: Marina's long hair has returned and, thus, so has Marina. Watch above.