August 28, 2013


Listen: Miley Cyrus Teams Up With Justin Bieber for "Twerk"

Update: The above audio has been removed. Check out the song on Perez Hilton

The pop music fairies left us a present/put an evil spell on us via the Internet last night: a new mysterious song featuring Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber called, what else, "Twerk." Because Miley (and recently Diplo) are doing their best to make sure "Twerk" becomes the "YOLO" of 2013. 

"Twerk," produced by Maejor Ali, is actually a Lil Twist song—you know, JB's rapper friend who was arrested for DUI while driving Justin's car—and this version is allegedly a leak. We first heard about "Twerk" earlier this year when Twist revealed the single cover on Twitter, but no word on whether or not this is the final product. 

Regardless, we can still hear Miley in all of her Kreayshawn-inspired glory telling clubgoers to check their watches: "I came up in the party, time to twerk." Justin is also turnt all the way up, telling his girl, "Lemme see you get out on the floor, girl/ We gon' party 'til it's over."

In related Miley news (because we really haven't seen enough of her lately), she might have skipped a VMA after-party to hit the recording studio with Kanye West. Neither star has confirmed the meeting, and it was reported by Page 6, so take it with a grain of salt... kinda like Miley herself.

And for those of you who just want to close your eyes and wake up when the whole twerking phenomenon is over (ahem, me), you're SOL: "Twerk" was recently added to the Oxford Dictionary