August 14, 2013


Prince Ends War on Internet, Joins Twitter, Teases Gorgeous R&B Jam

After years of mistrusting the Internet, removing his own music from YouTube and declaring the most economically and culturally significant invention since the automobile to be a "dead" fad, Prince has finally thrown in the towel and started tweeting.

Using the account of 3rd Eye Girl—a Minneapolis four-piece band he's part of—the Purple One began his Twitter barrage by sharing a picture of his dinner ("DID EYE ADD 2 MUCH PEPPER?") before teasing an incredible new song.

"Groovy Potential," which you can listen to above, is a shimmering, subdued R&B jam that's sexier than anything he's released in years. And like modern-day Prince tracks, it pulls off that trick of harkening back to the sounds of vintage soul and funk without seeming stale or nostalgic.

Equally important, Prince also tweeted his first selfie ever, bringing him up to speed with the year 2008. We won't spoil it for you, but you absolutely have to see what he looks like these days.

Keep an eye on 3rd Eye Girl's account for more possible song snippets and pepper-strewn supper pics.