August 19, 2013


Debate Time: Is Robin Thicke the New Justin Timberlake?

It's a question that has crossed every R&B fan's mind—how does smooth crooner Robin Thicke stack up against the ever-adored Justin Timberlake?

On this week's episode of Top 20 Countdown, Fuse host Katie Van Buren hits New York City's Union Square to find out how fans feel about Thicke's breakthrough No. 1 hit, "Blurred Lines." Is it better than JT's The 20/20 Experience? Is Robin the new Justin? When it comes down to a good, solid R&B performance, who should be the go-to guy?

Watch as these fans take sides for Top 20's "Rumor Mill," and let us know where YOU stand on the Robin vs. Justin debate. Tune in to Top 20 Countdown Tuesday night at 9/8c and tweet your reaction using #FuseTop20.