August 30, 2013


Exclusive: Singer/Rapper Troy Noka Hits the Street & Club in "Bigger Than Me" Video

In his new video for the soulful jam "Bigger Than Me," Grammy Award-winning producer, rapper and singer Troy Noka may be the first artist ever to combine a speech by John F. Kennedy with scenes from a club. 

It's a strange combo, but the juxtaposition makes sense to Noka: "I'm trying to convey how in life things happen that leave you confused," he tells Fuse, "but over time, you see everything happens for a reason and that we are small contributors of a plan bigger than ourselves." Watch the clip above exclusive on Fuse.

Directed by Miami-based graphic artist UnkleLuc, "Bigger Than Me" was shot over two days last December in Los Angeles and Pasadena. 

"Most of the shots weren't planned," Noka admits. "We saw a taxi and I just added it in the video on the spot. The song was playing at a salsa club and everybody was dancing to my song and that was fresh. When we shot the beginning of the video at the train station, people constantly walked up to us while we were filming LOL. Security eventually shut us down since we had no permits. We had no light and just a handheld camera."

See for yourself above.