September 24, 2013


5 Essential Facts About Danny Brown's 'Old' Album

With the release of Danny Brown's hotly anticipated new album Old just a week away, Fuse's Nicole James and Dan Brown (no relation to the Detroit rapper) decided to run through the five essential facts we know about his latest.

Most importantly, the title Old doesn't refer to his age but rather his "old" sound. As Brown told XXL, "When I go back to my 'hood, I have people who be like, 'Where that old Danny Brown sh-t at?' So I [named the album Old] for them."

Additionally, Brown's latest record features a grip of guests, including A$AP Rocky, Purity Ring and Charli XCX. For the full story on what we know about Old ahead of its September 30 release, watch the video above. And to hear Brown explain why Rock the Bells' ODB and Eazy-E holograms are "creepy," head right here.