September 5, 2013


Alice in Chains Drop 2 New Videos, Lampoon Religious Conservatives

Alice in Chains released two new videos from their 2013 album The Devil Put the Dinosaurs Here today, one for the title track and the other for their throwback rocker "Voices." While the latter is a standard band-rocking-out-for-the-camera clip, the former is bound to rile up the religious right (presuming conservatives still keep tabs on the grunge band's output).

The video for "The Devil Put the Dinosaurs Here" features impressionable kids watching a sinister version of a children's show that preaches dinosaurs bones were put on the earth by Satan to mislead the faithful. The alcoholic clown host is extremely frightening, so if you're terrified of Stephen King's It, you may want to grab your security blanket before watching.

Watch the creationism-mocking video above and the more straightforward "Voices" clip below.