September 6, 2013


Watch: Ariana Grande Salutes '90s R&B in "Baby I" Video

Ariana Grande is already being called the next Mariah Carey, so it makes sense that the Floridian singer would take a little inspiration from Mariah's best videos for her new "Baby I" clip. Anyone else picking up "Always Be My Baby"/ "Dreamlover" vibes? (Mixed with a little The Cosby Show dance sequence/intro realness?) 

Ariana gets playful in the second video from her debut album, Yours Truly. It's a colorful dance party with her friends and a few flirty vanity shots of the 20-year-old Nickelodeon star in super short-shorts. The result? A totally adorable, totally fun video with a high repeatability factor. OK, now I'm just blatantly fangirling...

Yours Truly dropped earlier this week to rave reviews from some surprising outlets: Entertainment Weekly gave it an A- and the LA Times wrote, "This might be the most inviting pop record of 2013." 

Get it, Ariana!