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Watch: Ariana Grande Salutes '90s R&B in "Baby I" Video

The Nickelodeon star goes retro (if we can call the '90s retro) in the second video from her debut album, 'Yours Truly'

Ariana Grande is already being called the next Mariah Carey, so it makes sense that the Floridian singer would take a little inspiration from Mariah's best videos for her new "Baby I" clip. Anyone else picking up "Always Be My Baby"/ "Dreamlover" vibes? (Mixed with a little The Cosby Show dance sequence/intro realness?) 

Ariana gets playful in the second video from her debut album, Yours Truly. It's a colorful dance party with her friends and a few flirty vanity shots of the 20-year-old Nickelodeon star in super short-shorts. The result? A totally adorable, totally fun video with a high repeatability factor. OK, now I'm just blatantly fangirling...

Yours Truly dropped earlier this week to rave reviews from some surprising outlets: Entertainment Weekly gave it an A- and the LA Times wrote, "This might be the most inviting pop record of 2013." 

Get it, Ariana!

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