September 13, 2013


Life's a Drag Queen in Deerhunter's "Back to the Middle" Video

Lady Gaga's "Applause" definitely seemed more suited to a drag queen performance, but Deerhunter prove their crunchy Monomania rocker "Back to the Middle" is a sensible enough song for a diva to shake to in their latest video.

Starring British actor Durassie Kiangangu, the "Back to the Middle" clip unexpectedly (and awesomely) pairs the Atlanta band's Nuggets-esque track with retro-styled footage of a drag queen that's made to look as if it's from a vintage American Bandstand reel.

After watching Kiangangu—dressed in his Diana Ross finery—shimmy and lip sync to the song for a minute and a half, the video switches from B&W to color and we get to peek the UK actor putting on the his-to-hers ensemble. Watch it above and get ready for Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox's turn as Jared Leto's lover in the upcoming Dallas Buyers Club film.