September 26, 2013


GWAR Intern at Fuse, Demonstrate Precisely What Not to Do

Masked metal growler Oderus Urungus—the lead singer of GWAR—recently stopped by Fuse HQ in New York City to demonstrate the do's and don'ts for potential interns at Fuse.

Well, it was mostly the latter as you can see in the video above. Posted up at the front reception desk, the metal madman tells an outside caller to "f—k off," then photocopies his ass and smears warpaint/makeup over the face of Fuse host Katie Van Buren. Poor, poor Katie.

See what happens when you hire an intern who wears battle armor to work in the clip above. GWAR: They don't make great interns, but they should be the Super Bowl Halftime Show performer in 2015 (come on, you know it's true. Vote for 'em at