J. Cole Protests the War on Drugs in "Crooked Smile" Video

The music video for J. Cole's collabo with TLC"Crooked Smile," should have dropped weeks ago, but the rapper had to reshoot it. "It's such an important song so I want the visual to match," he told Miss Info in late August.

The revised video is a commentary on America's War on Drugs, dedicated to Aiyana Stanley-Jones, the seven-year-old who was shot and killed during a Detroit police raid. Cole stars as a drug dealer who, despite his illegal line of work, is a doting father to an adorable little girl. A DEA agent, with a charming young daughter of his own, co-stars and leads a raid to arrest Cole on his daughter's birthday. The final shot shows the two daughters together, coloring pictures for their daddies in a classroom with the message: "Please reconsider your War on Drugs."

Watch the thought-provoking video above, then check out what Cole told Fuse about the lyrical inspiration behind "Crooked Smile" below.