September 5, 2013


Katy Perry Is Queen of the Jungle in "Roar" Video

The thing we probably love most about Katy Perry (besides her six No. 1 singles) is the fact that she's not afraid to get campy. Her newest video, "Roar," showcases her always endearing playful side while also making us want to invest in more leopard print. It's a win-win for everyone.

In the video, Katy and her explorer boyfriend crash land in the middle of the jungle. After her handsome hero is immediately mauled by a tiger, Katy is left to fend for herself amidst a slew of wild and dangerous animals.

But never fear, a quick outfit change solves everything! After making a spear out of her high heel (resourceful!) and taking a quick shower under the trunk of a friendly elephant, Katy reemerges as Queen of the Jungle, complete with a leopard print half-shirt and a skirt made of leaves (obviously). She later goes face to face with the tiger who ate her boyfriend and—spoiler alert—she wins him over, making him her new pet. Katy is a champion, you guys. You're gonna hear her roar.

If you learn anything from the "Roar" video, ladies, it's that you can learn to live without a man (Beware, John Mayer.) That, and pomegranate seeds make for a great low budget lip gloss.