September 4, 2013


NSA Spies, Rabid Possums & Aliens: MGMT Tease 5 New Songs in LP Trailer

If you love MGMT—and not just the Brooklyn duo's music, but their wacky, proding sense of humor and drug-warped, weirdo visuals too—then the just-release trailer for their self-titled third album, out September 17, will make your day (just like it made mine). Watch above.

The near-seven-minute video, directed by Jordan Fish (Chairlift, Das Racist) and produced by Mercedes-Benz, is a trippy, batsh-t crazy-fun clip full of ridiculousness: Frontman Andrew VanWyngarden is attacked by a rabid possum hiding under his bed, delaying his arrival for rehearsals at the band's practice space, which is under surveillance by NSA agents. Soon aliens and mutant beetles emerge, too, and the band make their escape. 

And this is all soundtracked by five previously-unheard tracks from MGMT. Their vintage psych-rock sound suggests MGMT is on a similar, albeit even more trippy and keyboard-filled, path as their last album, 2010's acclaimed Congratulations.

Only 13 days until MGMT's arrival, and that's waaayyyyyy too long.