September 17, 2013


Omar From 'The Wire' Runs High-Tech Drug Lab in New MGMT Video

MGMT's brand of psychedelic indie rock is typically fun and carefree—a groovy trip, man; just check out their performance of "Plenty of Girls in the Sea" on Fallon while wearing scuba gear. But the music video for "Cool Song No. 2," another track from the band's trippy self-titled new album, is a deeply frightening, no good very bad trip. No amount of Valium will turn this one around, guys.

In the clip, Michael K. Williams, aka Omar from The Wire and Chalky White from Boardwalk Empire, plays a bonafide gangster and violent drug lord, not unlike his character on The Wire, named the Plant Hunter. He transforms genetically modified plants into scary drugs, robbing a grow lab (and murdering its attendant with his bare hands) then dispatching to the desert, where he kills another man (again with his bare hands) and takes over his drug super lab. A moment of reflection, though, comes when another man, this one close to the Plant Hunter, has an apparent overdose and turns into a... well... you'll have to watch above to see for yourself. 

MGMT also unveiled a big fall tour. Check out the dates below.

09/21, Columbia, MD (Virgin Mobile Free Fest)
11/10, Austin, TX (Fun Fun Fun Fest)                   
11/12, St. Louis, MO (TBA)                      
11/13, Madison, WI (TBA)                          
11/14, Columbus, OH (TBA)                       
11/15, Indianapolis, IN (TBA)     
11/17, Des Moines, IA (TBA)     
11/18, St. Paul, MN (TBA)                           
11/19, Chicago, IL (TBA)                             
11/20, Detroit, MI (TBA)                              
11/22, Louisville, KY (TBA)                          
11/23, Memphis, TN (TBA)                         
11/24, Atlanta, GA (TBA)                             
11/26, Washington, DC (TBA)     
11/27, Charlotte, NC (TBA)     
11/29, Durham, NC (TBA)     
12/02, Pittsburgh, PA (TBA)     
12/03, Philadelphia, PA (TBA)     
12/05, Boston, MA (TBA)     
12/07, Toronto, Ontario (TBA)     
12/09, Montreal, Quebec (TBA)
12/13, Brooklyn, NY (Barclays Center)