September 13, 2013


Mike WiLL Made It Talks Miley Cyrus' Rapping Skills

While Mike WiLL Made It continues to work on his debut album Established in 1989, Pt. 3, the Atlanta producer stopped by Fuse News to discuss how he got collaborator Miley Cyrus to delve into rapping for the first time on "23" with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J.

"We knocked that record out in February when we knocked out 'We Can’t Stop'. When me and Miley got in the studio and started working, that was the beginning of a new sound, period. I let her hear "23" and I had Wiz and Juicy already on it, but I wanted a pop chick of her magnitude. I wasn’t sure which chick I was going to use. She was like, 'I like this song a lot. I think I could pull it off.' She ended up killing it."

The producer dismissed any scrutiny placed on Cyrus for ingratiating herself into hip hop culture. "I really don't get into reading into it. She's a fan of music. That's like somebody telling me, 'Yo, you're wrong for producing for Miley Cyrus. You're supposed to be only doing urban tracks.'"

Mike Will also brushed off rumors of any relationship with the singer past a working one. "That rumor started like two months after we started working together," says the producer. "When you put two fly individuals in the room together and they spend a little time together… I actually have relationships with all my artists because I'm choosy on who I work with. She's just another person I work close with. I'm executive producing her album so I have to spend a lot of time with her."

Watch the full interview above.