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September 19, 2013


Sean Kingston Says Near-Death Accident Inspired New LP 'Back 2 Life'

On May 29, 2011, "Beautiful Girls" singer Sean Kingston was in critical condition after crashing his jet ski into a bridge in Miami. Despite a fractured wrist, broken jaw and damage from water in the lungs, Kingston made a full recovery. The Jamaica native explained how the near-death experience inspired his new record Back 2 Life during an interview at Fuse HQ.

"Back 2 Life is me being like, 'I'm back making music!' But it's also more than that," he explains. "A lot of people know I was in a tragic accident two years back, I almost lost my life. I feel like God gave me a second chance at life. It wasn't my time yet. He still wants me to make music for my fans and take things to the next level."

The 23-year-old adds, "I'm really passionate person about my music and what I do. Now, I tend to slow stuff down and really concentrate. I work with every artist and producer I want and really make stuff from the heart."

Watch the full interview above for info on Back 2 Life collaborations "Hold That" with Yo Gotti and "Seasonal Love" featuring Wale. Then watch the latter's accompanying music video below.