September 25, 2013


Underground Hip Hop Duo Tanya Morgan Talk "Experimental" New LP

New York City underground rap outfit Tanya Morgan have been on the indie grind since dropping their first EP in 2005. Known for a boom-bap sound (as heard in 2006 single "We Be"), rapper Donwill and producer/MC Von Pea say their latest full-length, Rubber Souls, is their most experimental release yet. The duo stopped by Fuse HQ to chat about the LP and its primary inspiration: the Beatles' 1965 album of an almost-identical name.

"Rubber Soul was the album where the Beatles began to get experimental," Donwill explains. "They broke away from their boy image and the sound they and their fans were accustomed to. It was a progressive, expansive album where they tried out new things. Musically, we tried to go new places with [our album]."

Even though Rubber Souls explores new musical territory, the duo aren't worried about alienating fans.

"In order to be a real artist, you have to know how to take people where they don't know they want to go," Von Pea says. "If they want to watch the 'We Be' video and say, 'We miss this Tanya Morgan!' Well, hey, listen to that.

"We're still making good stuff. We are still the same MCs with dope beats and still saying something. You got to take the trip with us."

Watch the full interview above.