September 26, 2013


Taylor Momsen on New Pretty Reckless LP: "Hell Is All Around Us," She Says

Taylor Momsen, who rose to fame playing Jenny Humphry on Gossip Girl, formed hard rock quartet The Pretty Reckless in 2009, released the band's debut album Light Me Up in 2010, and then hit the road... for three full years. It was exhausting. But following a brief hiatus, the singer/songwriter/actress now tells Fuse that the band is refreshed and ready to rock behind their sophomore LP, Going to Hell, out next year.

"I went away, shut off the phone and got myself mentally back in the zone of writing again," she says of Going to Hell—a title Momsen takes to heart.

"I think hell is all around us, at all times; inside us and around us," she explains. "Have you see the world recently? As [guitar player] Ben [Phillips] and I were writing the songs, a theme started to naturally develop, it wasn't intentional. That became this cohesive piece of music."

With a heavy theme, fans can expect the same live on their three-month fall tour, which kicked off September 20. 

"It's going to be loud as f-ck. I told the sound guy if he doesn't blow out the system, he's fired," she says with a laugh. "But we're really excited to get music out there for the fans again. I always say if you're not playing, you're not a band."

Watch the full interview above for more, including the 20-year-old frontwoman's thoughts on playing 21+ clubs. Then listen to the LP's title track below.