Wiz Khalifa Reveals Adele, Miley Cyrus Collaborations

Earlier this year, Wiz Khalifa announced that his new album, Blacc Hollywood, would be out later this year, but up until now, details were scarce. Speaking to Fuse News at Made in America festival this past weekend, the Taylor Gang chief revealed that he has recorded tracks with Miley Cyrus and unlikely collaborator Adele.

"I got a lot of guest appearances that I've already done, but none of them have been cleared for the album yet," Wiz said. "I got songs with Miley [Cyrus], I got songs with Adele."

When asked if there was any artist now he felt was inaccessible, Wiz deflected, stating, "I want to do something with Lady Gaga really bad."

Adele has been relatively quiet since the release of "Skyfall" from the 2012 James Bond film of the same name. The singer gave birth to her first child in October of last year, and confirmed at this year's GRAMMY Awards that she was in the early stages of her third album.

Khalifa told Vibe in July that the album title stood for for a new way of life. “It just represents the lifestyle," he said. "Not really like black people in Hollywood, but just like black attitude. Not giving a ‘F’ about anything. It’s like just blacking out on the world. We’re bringing that to Hollywood.”

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