September 23, 2013


Watch Zedd & Hayley Williams' "Romantic & Sad" "Stay the Night" Video

The video for "Stay the Night," the new collabo from EDM whiz Zedd and Paramore's pop-punk banshee Hayley Williams, has officially arrived. It chronicles a failing, yet still very passionate relationship between a young couple over three and a half minutes of piano plinks, swelling trance synths and bass drops. Watch above.

Zedd and Williams told Fuse News about the video in a behind-the-scenes clip below: "The video is about the same thing as the song, about a breakup and couple spending the last night together even if they know it's probably not the right thing," says Zedd. 

"It's really sad but also beautiful," says Williams. "It's two people that know they're not cut out for each other but are trying to get the most out of it before they part for good. To me, it's really romantic but sad."

The couple in the clip express emotions in elegant dance routines, spinning and jumping in their apartments while struggling to end their relationship. "It's simple and has a lot of emotion," adds Williams. 

Trippy, warped visuals (director Daniel Cloud Campos holding a lightbulb up to the camera lens) lend a frenetic feel to the clip: "It makes this really crazy effect. But it's just a light bulb," explains Williams. "I love innovation and finding creative ways to get there."

"I get too comfortable sometimes with Paramore, so 'Stay the Night' really fit into this part of my life easily," Williams says of leaving her day job for the EDM collabo. "[The song was] very different and outside my comfort zone when I first sang it. But this is just another example of me trying something different and realizing I actually feel pretty comfortable."