October 17, 2013


'Adventure Time' Cast & Crew Discuss Show's Musical Appeal

Cartoon Network's animated series Adventure Time has clicked with fans and critics not only for its ridiculous humor, but for its music that resonates as well as the show's imaginative story lines.

"These songs really provoke a lot of emotion for a lot of people—good and bad. That's what good art does," John DiMaggio, the voice of Jake the Dog, tells Fuse at the TimesTalks Adventure Time panel at New York Comic Con.

The voice actor/comedian adds, "They're fun songs! They're beautiful songs. They're short and sweet and quick, it's just great. Everybody loves music and it's a great way to tell a story or how you're feeling."

In the video above, watch Jeremy Shada (voice of Finn the Human) and show writers Rebecca Sugar and Kent Osborne talk Adventure Time music and react to the viral mashup of Jake the Dog's "Bacon Pancakes" song with "Empire State of Mind" by Jay Z and Alicia Keys. Watch the mash-up below.