October 10, 2013


Asking Alexandria Singer on Voice Change Complaints: "F—k Off"

A year after metalcore singer Danny Worsnop began missing shows due to a torn vocal cord, the Asking Alexandria frontman tells Fuse News about how people have reacted to his altered singing voice.

Describing his vocal injury as a "scary time" during which he didn't know if he'd ever be able to sing again, Worsnop tells Fuse he "worked really hard" at recovering and has since "matured" his voice to a place where he's happy with it. And if you aren't a fan of how he sounds now, well, he doesn't care.

"Some people complain and say, 'Why don’t you sound like 2009, 2008?'" Worsnop says. "Those people can just f--k off, pretty much. I've matured my voice and mastered what I'm doing with it."

He also explains why the British rockers keep changing their sound. "With our previous records we'd come up with a cool new sound and then everyone would copy it and ruin it for us," Worsnop says. "A lot of bands [now] sound the same and it drives me insane." 

For Worsnop's honest, unfiltered interview, check out the video above.