October 1, 2013


Watch: Teenage 'X Factor' MC Astro Gives Guided Tour of Brooklyn

After performing on TV each week as a contestant on the first season of The X Factor in Los Angeles, Brooklyn rapper Astro returned home to record his debut album. Fuse recently met up with the 17-year-old to explore his stomping grounds and discover the locations that inspired his upcoming record.

The MC shows off significant spots, like the childhood home his family was evicted from in the Flatbush neighborhood ("It was struggle, but that motivated to me to go harder"). Plus, we visit BK hot spots like Spike Lee's headquarters ("My favorite things in life are shaped off Spike Lee movies") and Barclays Center, which he says is meaningful for all local artists.

"Barclays Center is [an] inspiration to me," he says outside the Atlantic Avenue arena. "Not only to me, but any artist in Brooklyn. This made us go harder. Brooklyn is in its prime right now. Every rapper from Brooklyn is shining right now and I think it has to do something with this. There's definitely a motivation."

Join the tour in the video above.