October 18, 2013


Quicksand Psychedelia: Watch Atoms for Peace's "Before Your Very Eyes" Video

You know those colorful sand keepers? Now imagine a city inside, much like Los Angeles, but built of colorful, constantly shifting grains of sand. Then there's an off-the-scale earthquake, bringing the world down into a quicksand pit and—wow, look!—it's Thom Yorke. What are you doing here, Thom? Voila: the new video for "Before Your Very Eyes," from Atoms for Peace's album AMOK.

The video is a digital graphic arts wonder: Yorke's head fractures and dissolves like a hour-glass as he struggles to emerge from the sand; skyscrapers and freeways topple into the ever-moving pit; the sand world swallows itself then emerges on the underside, forming colored stalactites. It's quite impressive.

The video was unveiled while Atoms for Peace played onstage last night in Los Angeles. "Aaah Blinkin' Hollywood:) Thanks to everyone who came last night," Thom tweeted this morning, along with a link to the band's website. Watch the full video above as a Hollywood-like world dissolves with the sands of time. One thing's for sure: This video will make you very thirsty.