October 6, 2013


Deap Vally on Being "Bad-Ass B-tches"

It takes a special kind of woman to start an all-girl band, specifically an all-girl rock/metal outlet. Julie Edwards of Deap Vally says it takes being a "bad-ass b-tch" to pull it off.

Half of the "Bad for My Body" duo sat down with Fuse at Austin City Limits Festival, and she told us what makes her and band member Lindsay Troy such cool-ass chicks: crocheting. Duh.

About their specific form of bad-assery, Julie said, "Well... [Lindsay] and I have a band! She came into my shop and I taught her how to crochet and that's how we met... It's really fun, too." Grandma's house suddenly doesn't seem so boring anymore.

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