October 7, 2013


Grouplove Talk Recording Album in Legendary Yes Guitarist's House

Los Angeles indie outfit Grouplove have been gathering steam since dropping their stunning debut Never Trust a Happy Song in 2011. And with their second LP, Spreading Rumours, out now, the shambolic psych-pop band are looking back on the unusual circumstances their first album was recorded under. Namely, under the roof of former Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin.

FYI, Grouplove drummer and producer Ryan Rabin is the son of the prog-rock axeman who went on to score films like Armageddon and National Treasure. And at Austin City Limits Festival, he tells Fuse how Grouplove used to crash at his dad's house when they made their first album.

"He just supported us when we wanted to do this," Rabin says. "He was never pressuring. When I said, 'Hey, my friends are going to move into your house for two months while we make a record [Never Trust a Happy Song],' he was like, 'Cool, do your thing.'"

Aside from offering his home, the Yes guitarist is pretty hands off with his son's band. "He doesn’t sit down and bestow advice," Rabin tells Fuse. "But the way he played music and his work ethic was always an example [to me]."

To hear Grouplove talk about their lack of business savvy and the "weird place" their songs come from, watch the interview above. And check out our interview with Portugal. The Man, where they talk about collaborating with sister trio HAIM and Danger Mouse.