October 5, 2013


Jimmy Eat World on Covering Radiohead's "Overlooked" Song "Stop Whispering"

For a band as beloved as Radiohead, it's strange to think they have "overlooked" songs. But Jimmy Eat World reminded us the cultishly adored British band have some unsung gems—one of which the 20-year-old Arizona band recently covered—when we sat down with them at Austin City Limits Festival.

"We did 'Stop Whispering' because we thought it was a Radiohead song that never got its due," drummer Zach Lind says. "It's a really great song and it's overlooked because it's on the first record and overshadowed by other songs."

Frontman Jim Adkins also chatted with Fuse's Yasmine Richard about some of their other leftfield covers. "We've been doing weird ones lately, like Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' and I've been doing some acoustic covers of Rihanna and Whitney Houston."

To hear the band look back on their two-decade history, watch the interview above. And check out our review of Queens of the Stone Age's dance-rock centric show at ACL 2013.