Chris Carrabba Talks New Band Twin Forks, Last-Minute Live Covers

After putting his beloved emo outfit Dashboard Confessional on indefinite hiatus, Chris Carrabba is pouring his creative energy into Twin Forks, a folky quartet whose self-titled EP dropped just weeks ago.

When Fuse sat down with Carrabba and Twin Forks' mandolin player Suzie Zeldin at Austin City Limits Festival 2013, we learned the singer-songwriter has a bad habit of dropping covers on his folk outfit just minutes before they go onstage.

"I generally spring [covers] on them at the last minute… a lot," Carrabba says, laughing. "Like, 'I'm gonna play 'Galway Girl' tonight by Steve Earle.' And the question sometimes is, 'What's 'Galway Girl'?'"

"Usually we're asking, 'How does it start?'" Zeldin admits, to which Carrabba adds, "That's a common question for all of our songs—including stuff I've written, too."

Regarding the future of Dashboard, Carrabba says, "This is my band. But there will be a Dashboard Confessional tour or record or both at some point." Get more on Carrabba's new project in the video above and check out Fuse's 5 Best Moments from Austin City Limits