October 7, 2013


Aussie Pop Star Betty Who on Debut Album & Going Viral

Meet Betty Who, aka Jessica Newham, the 21-year-old Australian pop singer who you'll be hearing a lot from over the next few months. Recently, Who's song "Somebody Loves You" was featured in an adorable video of a flash mob/marriage proposal in a Home Depot—maybe you saw it on YouTube? It only has, you know, 10 million views.

Since the video went viral, Betty rereleased her debut EP The Movement, which originally dropped back on May 1. And now Betty's new fans are begging for more than the four-song EP can offer. The wait won't be too long, Betty tells Fuse.

Instead of releasing a second EP as she previously planned, Betty's striking while the iron is hot and releasing a full-length album. Recently signing to RCA probably also has something to do with that decision.

"It made more sense to take a step back from the second EP and look at the whole project on a grander scale, and put all the songs from the second EP onto a full-length," Betty says. The first single from the album, "Heartbreak Dream," will be released "in the new year."

Check out more from Betty Who in the full interview above, including how it feels to be an Internet darling ("Awesome!") and how she got her stage name. Below, Betty gets super personal in Fuse's "Intimate Interview" and gushes over her crush Shia LaBeouf.