October 25, 2013


Boy George to Eminem: "Gay Slurs Aren't Ironic If You're Getting Beaten"

A few days after calling out Eminem for using the word "f-ggot" on his new song "Rap God" (and experiencing the inevitable Twitter backlash), '80s icon Boy George speaks to Fuse News about why calling someone that word is insensitive regardless of whether Marshall Mathers is being "ironic" or not.

"I'm saying that the use of the word 'f-ggot' is not enlightening," George tells host Matte Babel. "You can't argue it means something else, just like the n-word or any other racist phrase."

The former Culture Club frontman puts it in an international perspective, citing Russia's shocking anti-gay laws which have gotten Madonna and Lady Gaga into trouble within the last year.

"My feeling is at the moment with what's going on in Russia, where people are being killed, killed, any word that legitimizes that is bad. And I don’t care if it's Eminem or anyone else. And him saying, 'It's ironic,' well, it's not if you're getting your head kicked in. So I do feel quite strongly about it but it's not against him. It's against anybody who uses that word."

Watch the full, candid interview with Boy George on Tuesday's Fuse News at 8p/7c.