October 17, 2013


A Brain Seizure Converted to Music Is Predictably Terrifying

Hey. How's your day going? Are you feeling okay? Did the vending machine restock with Candy Corn M&Ms? Did your boss surprise your group with a cookie cake just for "doing a great job on that Schneider project." That's nice.

Oh. By the way. This is the most TERRIFYING THING YOU'LL EVER HEAR IN YOUR LIFE. Scientists at Stanford University recorded the brain waves of a person mid-seizure and converted them to notes.

Why would they do that other than creating the perfect track for the military to (presumably) interrogate and torture people to? Eventually, scientists hope this could lead to a device that could detect seizures just by listening to their brain wave activity. 

"Someone–perhaps a mother caring for a child–who hasn't received training in interpreting visual EEGs [electroencephalograms] can hear the seizure rhythms and easily appreciate that there is a pathological brain phenomenon taking place," said one of the scientists in a statement.

We're all for that, but for now, listen above and good luck sleeping tonight. And if anyone wants to do a "Brain Seizure or Yoko Ono Song" quiz, have at it.