October 15, 2013


FX's 'Archer' Cast Answers Vital Questions Posed By Songs at Comic Con

In case you hadn't realized it already, the voices behind FX's damn-near-perfect animated spy comedy Archer are effing hysterical people. So when we asked H. Jon Benjamin (also of Bob's Burgers), Jessica Walters (also of Arrested Development) and the rest of the cast to answer important questions posed by classic songs at Comic Con NYC 2013, we got some spot-on answers.

"Why Do Fools Fall In Love?" Aisha Taylor thinks it's, "Because they got laid."

"All the lonely people… where do they all belong?" Judy Greer has the definitive answer for the question posed by the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby": "Probably at Comic Con. I think they're all here."

"Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love?" Aisha Taylor says, "Look, if you're a teenager and you're in love, just be happy. Because really soon she's gonna get knocked up, you're gonna wreck your dad's car, get a crappy job in a garage and you're going to die inside. So just be in love."

"What If God Was One of Us?" Adam Reed says, "I think he'd spend four days walking around and then just leave."

"What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor?" Jessica Walter's advice: "Get him in AA immediately."

Watch the video above to see which cast member is pregnant with Eddie Vedder's child.