Danny Brown: "The Only 2013 Rap Album Better Than Mine Is 'Yeezus'"

Danny Brown: "The Only 2013 Rap Album Better Than Mine Is 'Yeezus'"

Despite high-profile releases from Drake, Jay Z, J. Cole and A$AP Rocky, Detroit rapper Danny Brown is comfortable stating that his new album Old is second only to Kanye West's Yeezus in terms of 2013 rap releases.

"Rap-wise, the only album I can honestly say is better than mine this year is Yeezus," Brown tells Fuse. "But I feel like that's just production-wise. Rap-wise, I got a way more lyrical album than that."

Unlike most rappers who brag about their own music, Brown actually backs his claim up with an analysis of why Old is better than the competition.

"The first song [on Old] is old school boom bap, early '90s hip hop, and then it moves up to different styles of production," Brown explains. "Then 'Gremlins' and 'Dope Fiend' are like Wu-Tang, and you get up to 'Dope Song'—that's trap, the Young Jeezy era. And then it moves up 'til now. It's like a timeline for hip hop, musically with the beats. Nobody even caught that yet."

To learn more about why Old just might be the best rap release of 2013, watch the full interview with the one and only Danny Brown above.