October 17, 2013


Danny Brown Would Infinitely Relive the Day He Got Oral Sex Onstage

After unleashing his new album Old—which he says is second-only to Yeezus in the Best Rap Albums of 2013—Danny Brown stopped by Fuse HQ to answer a series of hypothetical questions. The ensuing answers are the best thing you'll watch today.

First and foremost, here's his response to the Groundhog Day question, "If you had to relive one day of your life over and over, which one would it be?"

"I guess when I got my d-ck sucked on stage," Brown replied, referencing the controversial oral sex he received in Minneapolis last April. "That was tight. I guess it would get boring after a while, like, 'Oh, here this part comes,' but it was cool."

In other hypothetical set-ups, Brown had to choose between a Justin Bieber or Paris Hilton collaboration. And like our Groundhog Day question, sex informs his response. "I don’t know where [Bieber and I] could click at. But [Paris and I] could make a song about having sex, because I would like to have sex with her if I could." 

To hear Brown describe what would happen if he and former President Bill Clinton went out on the town together, watch the full interview above. And check out Paris talking about her Lil Wayne collabo "Good Time" here (there's hope for you, DB!)