October 29, 2013


Ballyhoo! Get Serious for Gritty, Sexy "No Good" Video

Baltimore's Ballyhoo!—reliable purveyors of good vibes in the ska-leaning punk vein—take a turn toward the dark and erotic with their "No Good" video, a startling clip that Fuse is proud to exclusively premiere today.

The video opens with a scene from a passionate but tempestuous relationship: A blonde girl half-playfully slaps her lover around in bed. Over the course of the video, tempers run high as lead singer Howi Spangler sings of a dysfunctional but addictive relationship over a reggae-infused groove produced by Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome (the current version of '90s ska outfit Sublime).

"When I heard 'No Good' was going to be shot in black and white, I got excited because it's perfect for the song," Spangler says of the video. "Wuz Good, the director, gave it such a gritty, sexy look and I think it turned out great. The actors did an awesome job. Everyone worked hard on it."

Watch the "No Good" video above, and check out our interview with Ballyhoo! where the rockers explain the reason for that exclamation point in their name.