October 31, 2013


Future Says Fiancée Ciara is "The Female Version of Me"

When Future stopped by Fuse News, the Atlanta rapper spoke candidly about Ciara and why he popped the question to the "Body Party" singer after dating her for just under a year.

According to Future, the proposal was a willful battle against his male ego in a lot of ways. "I didn't want to go through life thinking I needed to sleep with a lot of women to get where I needed to go," he tells Matte Babel. "Sometimes your fears might be, 'Man if I don’t wake up with a different woman every day, I'm not the man I should be.' But it's not true: You can find someone you can be with, work on it, focus on a long term goal and that's being successful forever."

As for why Ciara is his life partner, Future says he sees a lot of himself in her. "We understand each other," he says of his fiancée. "She's like the female version of me: Competitive, ambitious and self-driven."

Watch the full interview above to hear Future talk about his alleged beef with Drake and his upcoming second album, Honest.