October 3, 2013


Fuse Favorite: Watch HAIM on Fuse All This Week

We've been obsessing over HAIM here at Fuse since they dropped the endlessly-listenable "Falling" earlier this year. And with the release of their debut album Days Are Gone, we're letting our love for HAIM take over Fuse's channel: We'll be playing videos and exclusive interviews with the California sister trio all this week.

Success seems to have come quickly to HAIM: After all, they inked with Jay Z's Roc Nation and played an acoustic version of "The Wire" for British Prime Minister David Cameron before their debut even dropped. But for them, this isn't sudden: They've been making music together since they were children. 

"We grew up playing music together," says youngest sister Alana Haim in the interview above. "We had a band with our parents called 'Rockinhaim.' It didn't have a G or an apostrophe," she specifies, grimacing. "So it was grammatically incorrect. My mom played guitar, my dad played drums, Este played bass, Danielle played guitar and I played everything I could get my hands on. Which were maracas and cowbells, because I was four-years-old. It was really cute."

Catch Fuse Favorites HAIM on our channel all this week (use the Channel Finder to locate Fuse in your area) and hear them explain to us why having Jay Z as a boss makes them want to throw up. Oh, and definitely get Days Are Gone. You won't regret it.