October 4, 2013


Iceage Deliver Dark Punk Cover of Sinead O'Connor's "Jackie"

Yesterday was rough for Sinead O'Connor. Miley Cyrus laughed off her earnest open letter, which pleaded that the pop star stop allowing herself "to be pimped" and "exploited" by the music industry. She even compared the Irish singer, who has openly and bravely struggled with mental illness, to Amanda Bynes. Not one to be a punching bag, O'Connor has since bitten back hard with an eviscerating online screed against Hannah Montana. It's brutal.

Well, at least Danish punks Iceage still appreciate her. The underground favorites turned in a dark, snarling version of her 1987 song "Jackie" that should certainly make her proud.

Keep in mind the original—from her debut album The Lion and the Cobra—is already a harrowing affair. Those who only know O'Connor from her chart-topping Prince cover might be surprised to hear the angular guitars and bite in her voice in the "Jackie" original.

Iceage might not match her delivery on "Jackie"—few can equal her phrasing—but they successfully recast it as a gloomy, muscular punk workout. Listen to it above and hear the original below.