Brandon Boyd on New Project Sons of the Sea & Incubus' Next Album

Although Incubus singer Brandon Boyd is focusing his creative energy on a new project—the alt-rock duo Sons of the Sea with producer Brendan O'Brien—he recently told Fuse the Cali alt-metal outfit he's famous for is far from over.

"Incubus have been a band for 22 years, but after seven albums and getting out of our contract, we'll make a record when it's the right time," Boyd tells Fuse. "I'm actually really excited. We can collectively decide when it feels right. We've never been a band that wants to force the issue. I actually believe we have our best record in us still. There's a lot of piss and vinegar in us collectively."

But for now, Sons of the Sea is keeping Boyd more than busy. Whether filming a music video with a milky substance he describes as "whale sperm" or "forcing [his] ingenuity" into what he describes as "funny but not great" lyric videos he himself directs for Sons of the Sea, Boyd's output hasn't slowed down.  

To learn how his new project arose from the last three Incubus albums, watch the interview above.