October 14, 2013


Watch James Blake & Chance the Rapper's Creepy "Life Round Here" Video

When James Blake and Chance the Rapper met earlier this year at SXSW, it was on. The two mutual fans told each other how awesome they thought the other was and quickly hit the studio. The result? Their eerily cool remix of Blake's Overgrown track, "Life Round Here."

In the Nabil-directed video (Arctic Monkeys, John Legend, Kanye West), Chance and Blake hop in a convertible and take a lovely drive through what looks like the English countryside. They stumble upon a few different groups of suspicious characters, our favorite being the creepy priest and nun who look like they definitely just murdered some sinners. Though we didn't see him, we're pretty sure that horrifying clown that's terrorizing Northhampton is probably in the background of the video somewhere. 

Check out "Life Round Here" above, and according to what Chance told XXL, expect more from this odd couple in the next few months.