October 7, 2013


Jason Derulo Says New Single "Marry Me" Does the Talking for Shy Guys

Guys, can't find the perfect words of appreciation and compassion for your lady love? Allow R&B smoothy Jason Derulo to help out .

With his new single, the lovey-dovey piano ballad "Marry Me," Derulo is the unofficial spokesman for the language-lost dudes of the world, offering up awwww-inducing/panty-dropping lyrics: "105 is the number that comes to my head," Derulo sings on the track from his new EP, Tattoos, "When I think of all the years I wanna be with you."

"This record can do the talking for a man,"explains Derulo, a devout Macklemore fan who is dating Jordin Sparks. "I really feel like it's one of those songs that if a man doesn't have the words, but they're feeling what the song is saying, they can play it for their lady."

For the track's accompanying visual, Derulo recruited Sparks and the couple cuddle and makeout. Awkward? Not one bit. "It didn't feel weird to make the video with her at all!" Derulo says. "In fact, I think it would have been weird if I had somebody else do it."

Watch the full interview above for more on collaborating with Pitbull, Game2 Chainz and Sparks on Tattoos. Then peep the full "Marry Me" video below.