October 24, 2013


Dublin Rockers Kodaline Translate American Idioms Into Irish Slang

When Fuse sat down with Dublin alt-rockers Kodaline, we learned more than how much they love being heckled by American fans. As Fuse's Katie van Buren is Irish herself, we asked Kodaline's Steve Garrigan and Mark Prendergast to translate some American phrases into Irish slang for us.

For example…

"Hey, how are you?" = "What's the story?"

"I'm psyched" = "I'm f--king buzzing"

"I'm wasted" = "I'm locked" or "I'm f—cked" or "I'm rubbered"

"It's all good" = "Ah, sure"

To learn what "munter" and "minger" mean, watch Kodaline's guide to Irish slang above.