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Mustached Lady Gaga Premieres Heart-Wrenching Piano Ballad "Gypsy"

Mother Monster also teases ‘ARTPOP’ track “Venus” with NSFW cover art and snippet

Lady Gaga is rolling out her new ARTPOP record piecemeal, either through snippet, live performance or music video. We've heard (take a deep breath) first single "Applause," second single "Do What U Want," "Aura," "Sex Dreams," "Swine" and "G.U.Y." Now, Mother Monster has lifted the veil off "Gypsy" and "Venus," via a live performance and teaser clip, respectively.

Gaga played the six-minute, piano ballad "Gypsy" at a listening party in Berlin Thursday night. Her fake mustache and blonde eyelashes can't distract from her emotionally jarring delivery, as the singer belts: "I don't want to be alone forever, but I love a gypsy life / I don't want to be alone forever, maybe we could see the world together? / I don't want to be alone forever, but I can be tonight."

The premiere wasn't the only ARTPOP tease Little Monsters got, as Gaga revealed a snippet of new song "Venus." Sounding like David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust persona updated for today's EDM-ified Top 40, Gaga theatrically sings fantastical lyrics about Greek goddess Aphrodite, sea shell bikinis and "garden panties."

The clip came with three (yes, three) single covers: One shows a topless Gaga with a scorpion on her face (see it here, but warning it's NSFW!); The second showing a faceless bat lying on a table (safe for work, here); The last showing naked Gaga with, what appears to be a diseased internal organ over her mouth (also, NSFW!!!).

And, phew, that's your ARTPOP update today. "Venus" will be released to iTunes October 28, with the full-length LP out November 11.

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