October 17, 2013


The Lady Gaga/R. Kelly Duet "Do What U Want" Has Arrived

We're not shy about our love for R. Kelly and Lady Gaga, so when Mother Monster releases a 30-second tease of new ARTPOP track "Do What U Want," her collaboration with the R&B lothario, we will post immediately.

The preview comes in the form of a Best Buy commercial for Beats Studio. Shameless corporate shilling aside, the track features Gaga singing, "Do what you want with my body" while Kellz teases his part with but a scant vocal trickle on the track. A full version of the song is expected October 21.

Gaga recently tweeted a promise to fans to release one song a week for the next three weeks to "highlight Gaga's creative and musical evolution on the album" and "keep her name in the spotlight constantly so that sites will continually have a reason to write about her so ARTPOP will sell more." (We may have made up that last part.)

And for that one weird person out there reading this and saying, "I don't care about her music. Will she ever perform with The Muppets again?," E! is reporting that the singer wrapped a holiday special for ABC. Lest you forget, Kermit the Frog was Gaga's date to the 2009 Video Music Awards, so, y'know, circle of life and all that.