October 21, 2013


Boy Band Midnight Red Reveal Advice Backstreet Boys Gave Them

California boy band Midnight Red, the quintet behind "Take Me Home," haven't released an album yet but have already opened Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block's joint tour. Not too shabby. And while on the road, the Red received advice passed all the way down from '60s hitmakers the Temptations.

"We were super nervous [opening for Backstreet Boys] but Brian Littrell came backstage and walked into our dressing room," Anthony recalls. "He was like, 'The Temptations did the same to us so I'm telling you to stick together as a unit, and you guys can go far.'"

And much like another boy band across the Atlantic (cough, One Direction), these guys are close buddies—so much that they even shared a few beds during their tour with NKOT/BSB.

"We were on the road in this little white van and we learned a lot about each other by being in such close quarters for a month and having to work together as a unit," Thomas tells Fuse. Colton adds: "We had to share beds sometimes."

For more on bed-sharing and their upcoming debut—due in spring 2014—watch the interview above.