October 14, 2013


Steve Aoki & Waka Flocka Flame Talk Fall Tour, Throwing Cake at Fans

As Steve Aoki prepares for his six-week Aokify America Tour tour starting tonight in Dallas, the EDM DJ/producer sat down with co-headliner Waka Flocka Flame for Fuse News to discuss Waka's auspicious beginnings in hip hop and Aoki's mindset when remixing his favorite rappers.

Waka recalls his first recorded verse happening when he was drunk and had just lost his last $10,000. "I just rapped like 2 1/2 minutes just playing, laughing. By the time I come back, it was already in the club and the whole club know the record. It became 'O Let's Do It'."

Aoki also discussed the rules of the tour. Or rather, lack thereof. "There are no rules," says the DJ. "It's all about making the craziest tour we could possibly make. We're all in this space to turn it up."

Check out the interview above to hear the two artists discuss cake-throwing and other tour necessities and watch the tour teaser below.